Paykickstart Review

Paykickstart Review



Paykickstart is a new shopping cart and affiliate management software created by Mark Thompson and his partner Matt Callen.

They are well known marketers that deliver high quality software products and they both run a successful internet company called digitalkickstart

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Paykickstart Walkthrough Video

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Paykickstart Pricing

The general price of Paykickstart is a flat rate of 99$ per month. However you can get it cheaper on this Paykickstart webinar deal

Paykickstart Features

True 1-Click Upsells

Check out process with one click functionality allows the customer to only have to enter their billing details once, not ever single time they want to buy a product in your sales funnel.

one click upsell paykickstart

Paykickstart can do this with both credit cards and paypal purchases. It’s huge and it helps deliver up to a 40% increase in coversions and sales.

Most shopping carts require complex, custom development or a plug in to allow this type of functionality. This is standard with Pay kickstart.

One-Time, Subscription, Upgrade/Downgrade and Trials

Paykickstart was built to offer a complete payment flexibility. Have the ability to accept one time subscription or reoccurring and upgrade or downgrade a customer’s existing plan or subscription. Start accepting payments via Paypal and credit cards up to a hundred and thirty nine currencies.

Increasing the versions right out of the box. Want your customer to be able try before they buy? Create free or paid time sensitive trials? Want to allow your customers to pay in installments? Use the payment plan feature to break up a payment into any number of payments of which you specify. Offer flexible billing periods with yearly, monthly, weekly or custom intervals.

Remember the type of products or billing model your business needs? Pay Kickstart can handle it. Most importantly your customers vital payment details are never stored on their server. All payments and transactions are safe and secure as can be.

PayKickstart integrates with the most trusted third party processors that are all one hundred percent ECI compliant. Best of all there is never a per transaction fee charged by us, only the payment processor which means you get to keep more money in your pocket.

Visual Point-n-Click Sales Funnel Builder

Visual sales funnel builder. Building up sales funnels has never been easier. Thanks to our visual sales funnel builder.

Visually see exactly how your customers buying experience will look like. To create a funnel, simply add each of your products into a campaign and then create a new funnel inside that campaign.

Within the visual sales funnel builder, you just need to select the products from the dropdown, add as many front end offers, upsells and downsells to the funnel that you want and then after you've built out your sales funnel, select your buy button design from the list of high converting, pre-designed buttons or create your own from scratch.

Then you will take each buy button embed code and add it to each of your sales pages. If you don't want to use their buy button builder, simply copy the check out URL and paste it into your own button or image. It's really that easy.

Don't worry, if you want to replicate an existing funnel, make a few tweaks, split testing or another promotion, it’s as easy as clicking the clone button.

Customizable & Branded Checkout Pages & Affiliate Links

They have processed millions of dollars in transactions and tested literally dozens of different checkout page designs and layouts to see which delivers the highest conversion rates possible.

And now they're passing that data on to you and your business. Select from a growing library of professionally designed and tested, one step and multi-step checkout pages included with all the essential elements needed to maximize conversions.

Pick your own background color, call the action button, hover color and button text. They also understand that your branding is critical which is why, unlike many other solutions, they allow you to brand your check out page with your own logo and checkout URL.

This makes for a seemless experience between your sales and checkout page. If you don't want to use one of our checkout pages, no problem. Use their API to create your own completely custom page. On top of custom checkout pages, they went one step further allowing you to specify your own affiliate link URL.

So when an affiliate promotes your products, they will use a URL that will be branded with the domain that you choose. No more having to worry about your affiliates using an affiliate link that has been blacklisted or ends up in spam.

On-Page Checkout Widgets

On Page Checkout Widgets offer your customers a seamless, beautiful checkout experience on your website.

Using their online checkout widgets, your customers can purchase your product without ever being directed away from the page they’re on. To use this feature, select from one of their customizable widgets, choose if you want one step or a multi-step checkout process then add the imbed code to your buy button or image. That’s it.

When the customer clicks the buy, your checkout widget will display and allow them to immediately purchase without ever leaving the page. This type of checkout process has proven to increase conversions by up to fifty percent.

Transactional Emails and Invoices

Pay kickstart handles one hundred percent of transactional emails. So for your customers they will automatically receive a receipt and any product log-in details they need to access their purchase. For you, the vendor, you can receive an email about a new sale you make.

Affiliates will receive an email about a new commission they just made for promoting one of your products. And don’t worry, all the emails that get sent out by the system can be fully customized and they come with the ability to enable or disable if needed.

On top of transactional emails, Pay Kickstart also can deliver automated invoices to your customers. They understand that certain countries and organizations require official invoices for their accounting which is why they have a built in invoice generator for each sale made.

This can automatically get sent to your customer or manually sent with a click of a button. Talk about a huge time saver when it comes to customer support.

Payment/Email/ Membership Integrations

Want to integrate Pay Kickstart with the apps that you love and use every day? So do we. Which is why they integrate with some of the most popular apps on the web including payment processors like PayPal, stripe, Brain Tree and authorize dot net, email marketing services like AWebber, Get Response, Active campaign, Icontact, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Entreport, Infusionsoft and Innerspire, Send Reach and Send Link, membership platforms like fresh member, Kajabi, Wishlist member, Amember and Member Mounts and they will continue adding more integrations all the time.

For product B, you want to process payments with Pay Pal and Braintree, add customers to a fresh member membership site and to Infusionsoft email list. You can do that with Pay Kickstart. These integrations make customer, account creation, email marketing, follow up and payment processing super easy with no technical skills whatsoever.

Declined Payments and Auto-Fallback

Did you realize that up to fourteen percent of payments online will either decline or fail at checkout. This is fourteen percent of potential revenue gone. Which is exactly why they added a feature that was designed to capture fifty, seventy percent of that lost revenue without you ever having to do anything.

They call this their auto fallback option which sends out an automated e-mail after 10 minutes. If the user was unable to process a successful payment. The email simply provides a link to the checkout page and tells them that their payment failed and to try processing through another means of payment like paypal or a different credit card.

For a better success rate with a potential customer, Pay Kickstart automatically pre-populates the information the customer entered during the previous checkout process so they do not need to enter it again which has proven to skyrocket conversions. Yet another feature that is included with Pay Kickstart to help make you more money.

Integrated Licensing System

They understand how important it is to protect your software and content which is why they built a licensing system directly into the Pay Kickstart platform. This enables the licensing option when creating your product.

Just follow the simple API instructions to have your application speak to pay kick start and you're good to go. The licensing system creates a random, twenty character, alpha numeric license key unique for each customer as required to activate the software or application.

The license key checks with Pay Kickstart each time it's used to ensure the customer is within good financial standing and has not refunded their purchase or canceled the subscription. Also managing all of your customer licenses is easy.

Just enter the name, email or license key then you have the ability to manually revoke access, increase the license usage or deactivate an installation so it can be used on another machine.

VAT Handling / Taxomo Integration

Unlike many of the other payment affiliate platforms that simply choose to ignore the EU vat packs that effects any business or merchant. Selling eservices within the EU, they are being proactive about it to protect you, the vendor.

PayKickstart integrates directly with Taxamo, a third party solution that is the only complete solution for digital merchants that comply with the new tax law.

Their Taxamo integration provides that piece of mind. Knowing you are in full compliance with the law, including capturing up to six pieces of location evidence for each customer to ensure accurate tax collection. Up to date Vat rates, calculated in real time, securely storing the data for 10 years, mandated by the Data Protection laws.

Automatically converting currencies using ECB FX rates and clear audit trails for every transaction. So rest assured that you have the proper pieces in place to accurately charge the required

Vat tax to each applicable EU customer.

Customer IP & Email Blacklisting

To further protect their vendors, they have created a built in black listing feature that will allow you to block any IP, email address or country from being able to purchase your products.

This can be especially useful if you have a known customer who is a serial refunder or files fraudulent disputes or claims often. They are also being proactive building a global blacklisting database of customers and IP’s where there’s known fraud or consistent refunds of which the vendors will have the ability to add to their blacklist.

User Management

Pay kickstart includes a powerful user management feature that allows for a range of robust roles and permissions. This feature was designed to give your staff, clients and partners access to your account allowing them to only see what you want them to see.

Control which products in your account they can access. Provide read only or administrative permissions at a per product level. If you add another pay kickstart vendor to your account, it will create a sub account for the vendor, allowing them to switch back and forth from their own Pay Kickstart account and the one you gave them after with the permissions you specify.

Now you never have to worry about providing someone with your master logon details and risk your accounts security and privacy.

Mobile On-The-Go App (iOS & Android)

The free Pay Kickstart mobile app for both Android and IOS devices allow both vendors and affiliates to manage their accounts on the go. Vendors can monitor their sales activity and performance, affiliate sales, as well as approved or deny affilate requests with just a swipe of a finger.

Affiliates can also access their affiliate sales and performance to see how well their promotions are converting. Enable real time notifications for vendor sales, affiliate sales and affiliate requests so you can stay up to date on everything with your Pay Kickstart account. Just one more way that Pay Kickstart is building for the future.

Robust API (Build Anything)

They understand that digital products still come in all different shapes and sizes software as a service desktop applications plug in products the list goes on which is why we've built out a powerful A.P.I. that allows you to integrate literally any type of software application with a platform visit their knowledge base where your developers have full documentation for easy integration.

Don't worry They also have integration specialist that can be reached at their support desk or by appointment to help with any custom integration or development that your team may need assistance with.


Providing outstanding customer service and support is what keeps customers coming back again and again. Plus the wealth of knowledge you can gather from those existing customers is critical to a successful business which is why as a premium member, you’ll gain access to their survey add on.

This feature allows you to send out pre-designed or custom automated surveys to your customers based on the criteria you set. For example, say that you notice an influx of refunds for a particular product, wouldn't it be nice to get to the bottom of why customers are asking for a refund?

Simply create a new survey, select a pre-defined refund survey, the product and the time you want the survey to be delivered to your customer, a survey will be sent to that customer for a refund. As customers start completing the short survey, those answers will be available for you to review in your account.

There is virtually no limit on the number of ways you can utilize this feature, as it can help to generate real customer feedback, testimonials, product enhancements, feature requests and so much more, on autopilot.

Demographics & Full Contact Integration

As a premium Pay Kickstart member, you will unlock one of the most powerful features of this platform. Our customer demographic module provides you with in-depth insights and demographic research about all of your existing customers.

By leveraging the premium full contact API, we are able to build our profiles around your buyers unlike anything you have seen before. Get a bird's eye view or drill down by product and see vital demographic graphic data including things like age, sex, location and customer interest.

Think that’s cool? There is more. Connect with your customer on a personal level as they provide a full buyer profile of their purchase history plus publicly post data including a buyer’s bio, Twitter handle, Facebook profile URL, Skpe ID, websites they own, city and state, language, photos, RSS feeds, place of employment and lots more.

They then analyze all of this data automatically and provide it to you in an easy to read report which is absolute gold for ad targeting, market and product research and so much more. Easily search, filter, export this data and your customer list in any way, shape or form you would like.

Instant / Delayed Commissions

There are two types of payments for affiliates. Instant and Delayed. Instant commission payments are payments sent to the affiliates account at the time of purchase.

This is automatically calculated and paid directly from the vendor paypal account into the affiliates paypal account based on the commission percentages set by by the vendor. Delayed payments are commissions earned that are not yet paid to the affiliate.

The late payments will remain as delayed until the transactions are out of the refund period set by the vendor. After that, they'll be marked as pending commissions and are owed to the affiliate.

The vendor is responsible for paying those commissions out to each of their affiliates. Payments are put on delay based on three criteria. The vendor, the payment integration or the payment used by the buyer.

The vendor marks an affiliate account as delayed, all commissions will be payed manually by the vendor. This usually happens if a vendor doesn't have a prior relationship with the affiliate and is in place to protect the vendor from fraud.

If a vendor accepts credit card payments, the commission will be delayed. Only payments that use paypal adaptive payments API will process those payments instantly.

Single Sign-In Affiliate Account

Isn’t a pain when you have to log in to each of your affiliate accounts individually? They think so too. Which is why they built Pay Kickstart with a single sign in. Meaning you login to only one account and can access all of your affiliate stats, links and marketing materials for any vendors products you're promoting.

So you want to check your affiliate stats and commissions for a specific vendor? You can do that right here. So you want to grab your affiliate links, banners and emails swipes for a product launch you are promoting? You can do that here too. This will save you countless hours not having to manually hunt for links and promotional materials.

Lifetime & Per Campaign Commissions

Want to build a massive army of raving affiliates who are begging to promote your products? Enable the lifetime commission feature in your account and allow your affiliates to earn passive commissions for any customer they refer.

Even if they don't buy the product, they promote it. Pay kickstart will check to see who the last affiliate was to cookie that customer and give credit to the affiliate. This means if an affiliate promotes product A, and their customers end up buying product B, a day, a week, a month later they still earn commissions on that sale.

Literally any product in your account, an affiliate can earn commissions on. Affiliates love this, I mean who wouldn’t, right? However if you want a more traditional affiliate program, use the per campaign option which allows affiliates to earn commissions for the product or products they are actively promoting inside of a campaign. Lifetime or commission specific affiliate tracking, the choice is up to you.

Campaign & Sub-ID Tracking

How many times have you promoted a product or service and only to guess which email ad a marketing campaign lead to a conversion or sale. Well not anymore.

With pay kickstart’s sub-id tracking, you can track each sale down to the source of your traffic. For example, say you're running a Facebook ad, emailing your list, writing a blog post and sending out a tweet you can create a unique tracking URL for each source and see exactly which source of traffic lead to a sale.

This is perfect for running webinars, bonus pages or special offers the you want to run for a particular promotion then, pay kickstart provides you with a unique tracking link. This is huge. This allows you to know which source of traffic is more valuable and where you should be investing more of your time and money.

No need to try and figure out how to code links with special parameters or syntax. Save time and money knowing which traffic source and marketing is working and which isn't.

Promotional Marketing Materials

In order to maximize affiliate support, it's essential to provide your partners with a complete set of marketing materials: Pre-written emotional emails they can swipe and send to their list, banners to publish to their websites and blogs, bonuses to give to their subscribers to incentivize them to buy.

This is why they created a built in area for vendors to add swipes, banners and bonuses of which affiliates can access from their affiliate account. Each swipe and banner is automatically coded with each affiliates unique tracking link.

They've also gone a step further. What if you could see which email swipes were converting into actual sales? How could that impact your open rates, click through rates and sales? Well, now you can.

As affiliates start promoting a product with a prewritten swipe, provided by a vendor, the stats will start to populate next to each swipe showing which email swipe copy is converting the best.

This is gold to both the vendor and the affiliate. Now everyone can benefit from the real time data, allowing affiliates to push the copy that is providing high conversion rates. Just another way that Pay Kickstart is reinventing affiliate marketing.

Real-Time Affiliate Contests and Leaderboards

In recent surveys, forty five percent of sales and digital products industry are generated by affiliates.

Whether you have a product launch coming up or you want to boost sales quickly, creating an affiliate contest will incentivize your affiliates to promote your products while earning them additional cash, prizes and credibility for being a top affiliate.

You can create a contest in literally minutes. All you need to do is give your contests a name, choose which funnel product or products you want to include in the contest, the dates the contest will run and if you want your contest to be based on total sales or total revenue.

Once your contest is created, affiliates will be able to see the leaderboard on the marketing tab in their account or you have the ability to take the embed code provided and embed the leaderboard on your JV page or any page you want.

No need to spend hours manually adding up sales by affiliates. Your leaderboard will automatically update in real time as sales start to come in.

Hassle-Free Retargeting

It's no secret that retargeting is one the most highest return on investments for your online business. You’ll be able to serve ads on sites like Facebook and Google.

​The people who have already visited have been exposed to an offer or webpage allows for hyper-targeting. This type of targeting has proven to boost ad response by four hundred percent, deliver seventy percent higher conversion rates and with seventy two percent of online shoppers abandoning their carts, twenty six percent complete their purchase through a re-targeting ad compared to only eight percent without it.

So as you can see, the numbers don't lie. Retargeting is the way of the advertising future. But there's always been a flaw with re-targeting when it comes to promoting offers as an affiliate. An affiliate doesn’t have control over the vendors website which means they have to jump through hoops to get their unique re-targeting code on the vendor’s site.

Before Paykickstart, affiliates had to email the vendor their tracking type sold and then the vendor needed to add the code to the site. Well, not anymore. Now, pay Kickstart offers a way for affiliates to add their retargeting pixel that automatically gets added to the vendor's sales page without the vendor needing to do anything at all.

Affiliates can easily copy the retargeting pixel and paste it in. That’s it. Now affiliates can literally retarget any product from a vendor they want. This means higher conversion rates, more sales for the vendor, more commissions for the affiliate and a win-win situation for everyone.

Automated Affiliate Bonus Delivery

Affiliate marketing has gotten more competitive over the years, so affiliates are always looking for ways to stand out.

Sometimes fence sitters need extra incentive to get them to make a buying decision which is why offering a bonus when they buy through your affiliate link, can significantly increase conversions and your affiliate commissions.

A bonus can also be a way to set your promotion apart from the other affiliates who may be promoting the same product as you. Now the manual, time consuming way to deliver bonuses to customers who buy through you is to have your customers email you after they buy with their purchase details, then you or someone in your company needs to confirm their purchase then send the bonuses you promised.

That can get quite exhausting. With Pay Kickstart, affiliate bonuses can be delivered automatically either at the time of the purchase or after the refund period has expired, ensuring you don't deliver bonuses to people who end up refunding.

By selecting the product to apply your bonus to, and uploading your bonus and entering a download URL, Pay Kickstart will deliver that bonus after confirming that you received credit for the sale and earned a commission. Just another way Pay Kickstart is saving you time and headaches.

W9/W8 Management

I'll admit it's not the most glamorous part of online marketing, but it's essential for every business. Especially come tax season.

Paykickstart requires all affiliates to submit a W9 for US residents and W8 for non US residents tax form. These forms are stored and can be accessed for your account so that you can easily issue the proper tax paperwork to each of your affiliates. Affiliates cannot get paid through the system without submitting one of these forms.

They also provide you with an exportable summary of how much you paid each of your affiliates between this report and tax form collection, let's just say it will make your accountant or whoever handles your taxes extremely happy.

5 Issues With Existing Shopping Cart Software

Most modern shopping carts, even popular big name shopping carts, are often tricked out with a bunch of features you don't need and will never use and lack the features you actually need in order to not only make money but ensure that your customers have a seamless purchasing experience.

Let’s take a look at the five most prominent problems that your monster of a shopping cart has.

1) No Custimization Options for Check Out Pages

Most shopping carts are such anti-social monsters because they lack customizable checkout processes. On average, a whopping sixty eight percent of all visitors on static checkout pages, leave before purchasing.

Your shopping cart doesn't even care. You're literally throwing away sales due to shopping cart abandonment because your cart only processes orders with a static order form. Any good shopping cart must have customized checkout pages with simple, single page to multi-step processes.

2) No One Click Upsells.

Your shopping cart is such a lazy monster that it drove away eighty percent of your revenue by lacking true one click upsells. Seriously eighty percent of all revenue from individual customers often are generated from optional upgrades and upsells.

If you don't have this, you're leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Even shopping cart monsters that say they offer one click upsells often make it so complicated and confusing it defeats the purpose.

If it's supposed to be one click, then make it one click and don't let it be for credit cards. It needs to work for Pay Pal too.

You need ones that are truly just one click. No other shopping cart offers this functionality with PayPal. Well almost none of them, which means when your customers purchase your front end product, they only have to log in with their PayPal account a single time instead of every time they want to purchase a new upsell. This is true one click functionality.

3) Supports Either Digital Or Physical Products

Hey it's your shopping cart. You should be able to sell what you want, right? Well with most cart monsters, they're simply too stuck in their ways to allow that.

You see most so-called solutions draw the line at info products or only allow physical products. So you have to make sure that your shopping cart solution supports any kind of product you want and may want in the future and you need to be able to sell it for a one time price or subscription plan.

4) Too Complicated. Too many features

You don't want to spend days or weeks getting your product set up and ready to sell. That's why you need a simple intuitive user interface so you can start selling in minutes not days.

It's no fun wasting a kind of time trying to figure out how to use a lazy shopping cart monster by weening through features you don't need just to utilize its core functionality. A simple, straightforward, step by step, user interface is crucial.

5) They Want Commissions....

Beside from being slow, cumbersome, lazy anti-social monsters both shopping carts also gobble up sales revenue at the same time they’re being a pain in the neck.

You're putting in all the hard work of starting the store, developing products, finding customers and managing your business. So don't let yourself get stuck paying a hefty transactional fee when you make a sale. It's your sale you should be able to keep the money. All of it.

Some shopping carts charge up to seven percent for every sale you make. Think about it. That's three hundred fifty dollars out the door for every five thousand dollars in sales. Remember that image I showed you earlier about one click upsells?

What makes matters even worse about the other services, outside of making less sales, is that we have to pay heavy fees for every sale we make. like 5 to 10 percent....crazy

What has he ever done for you? It's time for a new, easier more streamlined shopping cart that has everything you need and nothing you don't. And here's the really crazy thing, if you don't ensure that you take care of the five issues we discussed, you'll be under the illusion that you need more traffic in order to make more money.

Well on the surface that's true and it's always good to have more traffic and more customers, the fact is that with the sales cart monster eating all your sales, traffic isn't your main problem. With pay kickstart, you can double your sales without sending additional traffic to your website.

Not only does paykickstart solve all the pitfalls mentioned but with pay kick start. You can get started today for free. Signup right now and stop feeding the shopping cart monster and see you on the inside. I've also made a Paykickstart comparison table if you are interested in knowing the differences betweeen Paykickstart affiliate software and other shopping carts

Paykickstart Limitations

Let me first start off by saying that PayKickstart was not designed nor intended to be a full fledged e-commerce solution like Shopify or Magento.

However with that being said, They do have some improvements coming for handling physical goods (Shipping/Fulfillment). Included in this coming release will be integrates with ShipStation and ShipOffers to have seamless Purchase and Fulfillment.

If you are in need of a standard shopping cart where people add items to a cart - its hurts me to say - but PayKickstart is not the right solution.

It was designed for vendors who sell one off physical goods/packages (not really for dynamic carts).

They purchase the product (collecting the shipping information), then either fulfilling it themselves OR passing the data to a fulfillment company. ShipStation and ShipOffers are the first two fulfillment companies of which will be a direct API integration.

But if you don't want to have multiple items in a cart then Paykickstart is unbeatable


PayKickStart Rating


See the full list of features below. It lacks the set up for physical products for now but this will be added within a few months.

User Friendly

Very user friendly and intuitive. This is a big plus compared to other platforms


Great price and will save you money on fees compared to others

Summary: I love Paykickstart sofar. It is very user friendly and easy to understand. No complicated stuff at all. It has all the features I need. I am not giving it a 5 stars yet because it still lacks a few features for physical products. The Paykickstart pricing is very competitive and the Paykickstart support staff responds the same day and is very helpful

They constantly update the software with new features and really fast as well! They implement new features way faster than the competition

  • Easily Create Your Sales Reports
  • Very User Friendly
  • Great Price
  • All you need from a payment and affiliate platform
  • Awesome check out pages
  • Great funnelbuilder
  • The most and best features
  • not a CRM or Email Marketing platform. (but you can integrate all autoresponders through their api)
  • Cannot add multiple items in a cart like magento (But of course you can do upsells etc)


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